Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vote For in DiGi WWWOW Awards


Dah lama dah yana tak join Segmen dari Abg Eq a.k.a EqbalZack

Kali ini yana nak join lak...

Untuk kali ini yana nak tolong Abg Eq....Abg Eq tercalon dalam ctegory Blogger of the Year kat Digi WWWOW Awards 2012...Best nye kan....Yana doa kan moga Abg Eq berjaya...

Nak tahu apa itu DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012

sila baca keterangan dibawah... ini yana ambik kat Blog Abg Eq.....

This year the Digi WWWOW Awards competition opened for NOMINATIONS on 24 March-22 April 2012 and closes on 22 April 2012. Voting will take place between 23 April-13 May 2012 and the WINNERS announced in the second week of Jun 2012. It's a chance for bloggers to nominate themselves or for blog fans to nominate their favourites. These nominations are then drawn up by category and judged by a panel of experts (Lisa Surihani, Sharifah Sofia, Altimet etc), plus one via a PUBLIC VOTE.

Yes!! I know...a 'first grade' blog is really hard to find! Hopefully, the judges looked at writing quality, ability to grab the reader's attention, the power and energy for a subject that the blog tackles and use of photos (no copy and paste huh!).

Jadi kalau kawan2 nak vote untuk Abg Eq Klik kat cne....DISINI 




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